Breast Thermography Versus Mammograms

by Connie Hernandez, ND


Here’s the difference between thermography and mammography – and it’s a big one:

Breast thermograms provide very different information than mammograms.

While mammograms are often touted as “preventive medicine,” there’s nothing preventive about them.

Connie Hernandez, ND

Connie Hernandez, ND

Mammograms identify breast changes only after they have become structural. At that point, the changes are essentially set in stone. A biopsy can determine if they are cancerous or not, but the mammogram itself cannot.

By contrast, thermograms note early changes in the physiology of the breast that may indicate the presence of or potential for cancer.

Temperature differentials measured on the thermogram indicate physiologic processes present in one breast but not in the other, or changes that have increased from one exam to the next.

Physiologic change always precedes anatomic change, sometimes by as long as ten years.

When a thermogram indicates a physiological change, we prescribe lifestyle changes and vibrational, nutritional, and botanical remedies to enhance breast health and a return to normalcy.

For example, most of our botanical formulas for breast health include curcumin. Of nature’s healing spices, curcumin has received the most scientific attention in recent years, for its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. For our cancer patients, we use curcumin intravenously to deliver these healing benefits directly to the cells.

We’ll prescribe therapies to restore breast health for three months, then recommend a repeat thermography report to check if the therapy has been effective in reversing any inflammatory changes and reducing the risk of breast cancer.

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