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  1. Breast Thermography Versus Mammograms. Dr. Connie outlines the superior predictive value of thermography over traditional mammography.
  2. Curcumin: Powerful Anti-Inflammatory and Cancer Therapy. Dr. Marcel lays out the state of research on curcumin for cancer prevention and therapy.
  3. Does Emotional Stress Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk? Dr. Marcel examines ancient Chinese sources that affirm the link between cancer and negative emotions.
  4. Cancer and Cholesterol — NOT the Link I Imagine You Were Expecting. Does cholesterol cause cancer? Dr. Marcel reports on surprising new studies that suggest the opposite may be true.
  5. New Test Reveals 46% of Women May Not Need Chemo After Breast Cancer Surgery. Dr. Marcel describes new genetic testing that may spare many women from toxic chemo after surgery for breast cancer.
  6. Intravenous Curcumin (Turmeric) – A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Cancer Therapy. Dr. Marcel reviews the healing properties of this amazing humble root.
  7. Modern Miracles in Breast Health Evaluation. Dr. Connie describes a new energy-based method for early detection of breast cancer.
  8. Does Eating GMO Foods Increase Our Cancer Risk? Dr. Marcel describes research showing that the very common practice of spraying genetically modified foods with glyphosate, a weed and grass killer, poses grave risks.
  9. The Cell Phone – Cancer Link. Dr. Marcel describes new evidence for the link between cell phone usage and cancer, and a startling case from his own practice.
  10. Cancer Survivors: What Lessons Can They Teach Us? Dr. Marcel explains what sets the survivors apart, and what we can learn from them about our own lives.
  11. Simple Blood Test Shows Promise as Alternative to Tumor Biopsy. Dr. Marcel describes advances in cancer diagnosis, and new evidence that regular exercise lowers cancer risk.
  12. Mammogram versus Thermogram: Quick Guide and FAQ. Dr. Connie shares her insights on when women should choose on or the other, or both.
  13. Breast Thermography: What Does a High Hormonal Grade Mean? Dr. Connie explains why eating soy and flax might not be the real problem.
  14. Acupunture for Cancer Patients. Dr. Marcel lists the proven benefits of this ancient treatment approach.
  15. Study: Milk Thistle Protects Against Liver Cancer. Dr. Marcel describes new research showing the preventive and healing effects of this common herb.
  16. Can Carbohydrates Cause Cancer? — Better Believe It. Dr. Marcel reviews new research on the surprising dangers of high-glycemic carbs.
  17. Immune Therapy:  A New Twist on Treating Cancer. Dr. Marcel describes research on three promising cancer treatments based on immunotherapy.
  18. Do Low Vitamin D Levels Increase the Risk of Leukemia? The link between vitamin D and leukemia is clear.
  19. The Battle for Natural Supplementary Cancer Care. Why does the cancer industry ignore proven natural treatments and adjunctive therapies?
  20. Cancer News and Commentary. Dr. Marcel shares his thoughts on the cancer-causing risks of vitamin D deficiency and obesity.
  21. High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer Patients. Dr. Marcel explains why this very effective therapy is so little-known.
  22. Conventional vs Alternative Cancer Treatment Modalities. Dr. Marcel gives an inspiring example of how conventional cancer research is often behind alternative therapies.
  23. WHO Says Eating “Good Red Meat” Is an Excellent Way to Increase Your Cancer Risk Dr. Marcel describes the latest research and what we recommend to our patients here at the Hernandez Center.
  24. Chemo Unlikely to Prolong Life in Older Patients — What Should You Do? Dr. Marcel suggests it’s a decision you must make in consultation with your oncologist.
  25. Mistletoe! — Its Surprising Cancer-Fighting Powers. Mistletoe has been approved by leading European health oversight bodies for use with cancer patients.
  26. Reiki as Supplmentary Therapy for Cancer Patients. Reiki treatment produces deep relaxation and feelings of glowing warmth and vitality.
  27. Sugar Consumption Can Double the Risk of Death in Cancer Patients. The form of sugar — “natural,” refined, or whole — makes no difference. Sugar is deadly medicine for cancer patients.
  28. Who’s on YOUR Cancer Therapy Team? 10 questions to ask your traditional and adjunctive providers.
  29. How the Myers Cocktail Can Benefit Cancer Patients. For cancer patients who feel physically depleted and emotionally deflated, the Myers Cocktail delivers key nutrients quickly with rapid absorption by the cells.
  30. Complementary Therapies Offer Hope for “Radical Remission.” Kelly Turner’s research indicates simple lifestyle changes may have a large effect on cancer outcomes.
  31. Diet, Lifestyle, and Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment. There’s no longer any doubt. Research shows that diet and exercise can prevent and/or retard cancer development.
  32. Vitamin C — A Highly Effective Anti-Tumor Nutrient. Dr. Marcel lays out the scientific support and applications of this proven supplemental cancer therapy.