Patient Care

Simply put, our focus is on restoring and maintaining your health and well being through the use of comprehensive, proven, and safe treatment strategies.

Conventional therapies often ignore the cause and the preconditions that gave rise to the initial cancer. At the Hernandez Center, we search for the underlying causes of your existing illness, and then employ an integrated therapeutic approach to restore balance. We welcome patients with a wide variety of disorders, including all forms of cancer, autoimmune disease, heart disease, chronic pain, diabetes, hormone imbalances such as thyroid and adrenal disorders, menopause and andropause, and fibromyalgia, among others.

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“Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.” ~ Alice Morse Earle

Conventional cancer care has historically used chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and biological therapy as its main approaches to dealing with cancer.  This focus on attacking the tumor is often a race – will therapy cure the cancer or further deplete and weaken the patient? There have always been  significant numbers of treatment-induced deaths as well as disease-induced fatalities. If a person is already frail in body or spirit when they are diagnosed with cancer, one-dimensional conventional cancer treatments will not suffice. Awareness of both unsuccessful outcomes and treatment induced illness has forced patients to seek adjunctive care to bolster their odds, not just of cancer free survival, but of recovering a healthy life.

The Hernandez Center strategies are individually formulated to:

  • Support and enhance conventional cancer treatment
  • Decrease or avoid the unwanted side effects of conventional cancer treatment
  • Accelerate healing and recovery during and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy
  • Address nutrient deficiencies by ensuring nourishment at a cellular level
  • Remove toxins that undermine your body’s ability to heal and restore healthy functioning
  • Enhance digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Enhance the body’s own immunological ability to fight cancer
  • Address possible underlying causes of cancer
  • Provide strategies for ongoing prevention of cancer return
  • Help you regain emotional control over your decision-making
  • Improve energy, well-being and overall quality of life
  • Support body, mind and spirit in the healing process

At the Hernandez center your therapeutic plan is individually formulated and is composed of scientifically based and proven therapies from both conventional and alternative worlds of medicine to create truly holistic and effective treatment options.  We don’t practice cookbook medicine. Your personal treatment plan will be unique to you.  We will offer therapies that are effective for your specific case and that are shown by research to be safe to use while undergoing conventional treatment.

A Hernandez Center treatment program may include IV therapy, oral nutrient protocols, detoxification, dietary and lifestyle modification, mind/body therapies, bodywork and other therapies that support the body’s normal metabolic processes and provide relief from the stress of a chronic illness.

Our warm and caring staff will do everything possible to make sure you feel at home. We welcome you as part of the Hernandez Center extended family and also welcome your comments on how we may better serve you.

Please note that while the Hernandez Center is excited to be able to offer adjunctive cancer care, we make no promises or guarantees as to your personal outcome. We provide resources, perspectives, pathways and adjunctive care to ease your journey and maximize the efficacy of your treatment. You and your family should conduct a thorough review of the information available before deciding what combination of conventional and adjunctive cancer care is right for you.