Cancer and Cholesterol – NOT the Link I Imagine You Were Expecting!

Marcel Hernandez, ND

We were powerfully struck by a recent report on the perennially interesting website, The Truth About Cancer, on the link between cancer and high cholesterol.

Dr. Marcel Hernandez

I’m guessing that when you hear “cholesterol” and “cancer” mentioned in the same sentence, you immediately think there’s a causal connection. After all, doesn’t cholesterol cause EVERYTHING?

Huh-uh. Scientists long ago began rethinking the old “truths” about cholesterol and disease. It’s only the traditional medical docs whose views lag far behind.

Some examples from The Truth About Cancer:

Prostate Cancer. Patients undergoing radiation and prostatectomy fare BETTER with HIGHER levels of LDL. In fact, those with the highest LDL had 33% less cancer recurrence, compared to those with the lowest LDL levels.

Lung Cancer.  A recent study found that patients with lung cancer and the highest cholesterol levels had a 67% lower risk of dying.

Breast Cancer.  Women with the highest cholesterol levels had the lowest risk of breast cancer – in fact, 30% lower. The same study found that women had a 39% lower risk of melanoma and a 39% lower risk of lymphoma/leukemia when their cholesterol levels were the highest.

Pancreatic Cancer. Men with the highest cholesterol had a 48% lower risk of pancreatic cancer, along with a 33% lower risk of non-melanoma skin cancer, 86% lower risk of liver/gall bladder cancer, and a 32% lower risk of lymphoma and leukemia.

Colorectal Cancer – Studies suggest that individuals with higher cholesterol levels are protected from colorectal cancer, compared to those with lower levels.

The lesson? While it’s a very good idea to avoid those fats known to be carcinogenic – namely, industrially processed, chemically altered fats, and trans-fats created by cooking unstable fats at high temperatures, etc. – eating organic butter, milk, and eggs just might not be as unhealthy, in moderation, as the medical profession would still have us believe.


For more on Dr. Marcel’s work, follow this link.


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