Modern Miracles in Breast Health Evaluation

In days gone by, new and innovative therapies such as breast thermography, ultrasound, mammography, and MRI imaging would have been dismissed as impossible, or held in awe as miraculous.

These technologies are expressions of a dawning era of energy-awareness that was predicted by the ancient scriptures of India, and described by Paramhansa Yogananda in his famous book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

The emerging energy-age, called “Dwapara Yuga,” is said to be a stage in a long, 12,000-year cycle of increasing and waning refinement in human consciousness, as our earth moves nearer and farther from the powerful energy source at the center of our galaxy.

As the energy age progresses, humanity will become increasingly able to grasp the notion that energy, not matter, is the underlying reality of creation.

In science, the emerging energy-age has taken us from Newton, with his mechanistic view of matter, and Einstein, who was able to grasp a more flowing, energy-based reality.

There is no doubt that, as we move forward, medical diagnostics will discover increasingly “miraculous” diagnostic methods.

The latest energy-based method for breast imaging is called Molecular Breast Imaging, or “breast-specific gamma imaging.

In this technique, a radioactive tracer is injected into the body, and a nuclear scanner is used to visualize areas where the tracer is concentrated. The “miracle” is that cancer cells take up more of the tracer than normal cells, and become easily visible on the scan.

The downside is that the method requires even greater doses of radiation than a mammogram. The upside is that MBI is less expensive than an MRI, and has fewer false positives.

Until a time when techniques such as MBI can be made less risky, or techniques without harmful side-effects are discovered, breast thermography will remain the best choice for safe, economical, painless screening that can identify suspicious changes in the breasts.

If further imaging is required, judicious use of anatomic screening methods makes a lot more sense than annual screening with methods that irradiate the breast tissue.


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