Does Eating GMO Foods Increase Our Cancer Risk?

By Marcel Hernandez, ND

The majority of Americans would likely demand that genetically modified (GMO) foods  be labeled with a skull and crossbones, if they were aware of the risks posed by the very common practice of spraying these foods with glyphosate (Roundup), a weed

Dr. Marcel Hernandez

Dr. Marcel Hernandez

and grass killer.

Over 80 percent of genetically modified crops are engineered specifically to withstand the deadly effects of glyphosate herbicide.

The dangers to humans who ingest glyphosate in food are real. Science has now shown that glyphosate increases consumers’ risk of developing aggressive, deadly skin cancers, including cutaneous melanoma.

The skin cancer risk is worsened by the common practice of compounding glyphosate with the fungicides mancozeb/maneb.

Does Sun Alone Cause Skin Cancer?

The conclusion that sun alone causes skin cancer is now being debunked.

For too long, we’ve been told to avoid sunlight because sun exposure is supposedly associated with the modern explosion of skin cancer. But scientists are now beginning to understand what is really disrupting our natural relationship with the sun.

While it remains important to monitor our sun exposure, especially in areas of the earth where the protective ozone layer is thin, the more immediate threat lies in our exposure to chemicals that suppress the immune system.

Glyphosate, for example, destroys the microbial profile of the human gut. This, in turn, decreases the body’s antioxidant levels, thus weakening the immune system.

How can skin cells protect themselves when chemicals such as glyphosate are effectively blocking their ability to assimilate key nutrients that are needed to ward off cancer?

Food crops being sprayed with Roundup. Does this look safe?

Food crops being sprayed with Roundup. Does this look safe?

A new study, published in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine, found that glyphosate herbicide and the two fungicides mancozeb/maneb are increasing the incidence of cutaneous melanoma in individuals whose occupation regularly exposes them to the sun.

The risk of skin cancer increased even more when the subjects were simultaneously exposed to both the herbicide and the fungicides.

The scientists are documenting an ever-increasing suppression of the human immune system through exposure to agrochemicals.

The studies were conducted in Italy and Brazil, and included detailed histories of the participants’ pesticide exposure, with all possible confounding factors being controlled for.

The study adds weight to the World Health Organization’s present conclusion that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen.

Scientists must now examine how the fungicides mancozeb/maneb contribute to the overall suppression of the human immune system.

Source:  Naturalnews.

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