Study: Milk Thistle Protects Against Cancer

Dr. Marcel Hernandez

Dr. Marcel Hernandez

Liver cancer is in a world-wide increase. It’s common, deadly, and the current treatment options include surgery and a transplant. Even with treatment, the prognosis is “guarded.”

A new study suggests that milk thistle herb (silybum marianum) inhibits the growth of new cancer cells and promotes cancer cell death (apoptosis).

And that’s not all. A growing body of clinical data indicate that milk thistle extract may help protect us from and treat a wide variety of cancers.


Milk Thistle flower

Commentary: When Dr. Connie and I were in medical school in Oregon, we heard about a group of wild mushroom hunters who got deathly ill after consuming the poisonous amanita mushroom. Three of them died. The fourth was taken to a clinic where he was given intravenous milk thistle extract and survived.

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